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Credit Control, LLC Completes Acquisition of Professional Recovery Services, Inc. (PRS)
Credit Control, LLC Completes Acquisition of Professional Recovery Services, Inc. (PRS)

St. Louis, MO, July 1, 2015 – Credit Control, LLC. (“Credit Control”) announces the full integration of its recent acquisition, Professional Recovery Services, Inc. (PRS). Since 1990, PRS has provided receivables management services to many large financial institutions. Credit Control officially acquired PRS on...


Credit Control is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Consumer and Commercial Loan Recovery Services. Founded in 1989 and privately held, Credit Control is a GSA-certified collection firm providing a full suite of recovery programs to credit unions.  Licensed and bonded in all 50 states, they have four call center locations with a total capacity of 800 seats.  As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Credit Control values diversity throughout their entire organization and creates a highly productive and creative workplace.  Their business is widely known for providing a high level of customer service and exceptional recovery results.

Products and Services 

• Default Prevention
• Late Stage Recovery
• Legal Collection Services
• Scoring and Segmentation
• Skip Tracing
• “Best Practices” consulting in the areas of collection strategy, compliance, vendor management, and optimizing staffing.


Here is what credit unions who partner with Credit Control can expect:

Technology – Credit Control utilizes CallMiner which records 100% of calls made by call center agents. The call system monitors collection calls and tags calls for being in or out of compliance; identifies high-risk associated with any aspect of compliance; discovers the behaviors of top performing collectors; provides direct feedback to supervisors and collectors; and alert analysts to an escalating call in real-time. 

Compliance - Credit Control employs an internal audit team who is responsible for auditing the Operations and Client Services departments. This department reports directly to the Chief Compliance Officer, a certified MAP attorney, ensuring that completely objective, unbiased, auditing takes place. Audits are conducted daily and a weekly summary is provided to department heads and the CEO. Areas in need of improvement are required to put corrective action in place within 48 hours of notification.

Financial Stability - With sound financial management and a strong balance sheet, Credit Control has grown by an average of 25% each year for the last six years. Many of their competitors continue to struggle during this challenging economy and some suddenly go out of business leaving their clients without a debt recovery solution, yet Credit Control continues to thrive. Their audited financial statements and SOC1/SSAE16 certification provide peace of mind for their clients, assuring the security of their collected funds.

Preferential Pricing - Recognizing that every credit union is focused on cost savings and revenue growth, Credit Control offers very competitive pricing for our programs. 

Implementation Process - Their implementation process is structured to avoid any additional burdens or costs to credit unions and their internal teams. They have built a strong team who possess a wide variety of experience in the collection industry ensuring integration, increased efficiency, and great collection results.


Headquartered just outside of St Louis, Missouri, Credit Control has four call centers strategically located around the country to provide our clients with a strong nationwide reach. We serve more than 450 clients in financial services, government, commercial, healthcare, education, and utilities industries. Credit Control is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. For more information, visit our website at 


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