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Pentegra Retirement Services Introduces SmartPath™ to Support Greater Retirement Readiness
Pentegra Retirement Services Introduces SmartPath™ to Support Greater Retirement Readiness

Pentegra Retirement Services introduced the “Pentegra Participant SmartPath™,” a new online report that sets forth recommended practices that may help to best ensure successful retirement outcomes for 401(k) plan participants.

Partner Contact: John Schafer


Pentegra Retirement Services is NAFCU Services' Preferred Partner for qualified retirement plans for credit unions and their employees. With over 65 years of experience in managing retirement programs, Pentegra provides a diverse array of retirement products including 401(k), Defined Benefit Pension and Profit Sharing for community-based financial institutions nationwide.

An independent, not-for-profit cooperative, Pentegra manages over 2,500 retirement plans and more than $8 billion in retirement plan assets for community-based financial institutions and organizations nationwide. We’re focused on bringing value-added retirement plan capabilities to credit unions that are usually available only to large corporate and public retirement plans.

Pentegra’s retirement programs are designed to help credit unions improve retirement plan effectiveness, attract and retain quality employees and build a competitive advantage with unique retirement plan solutions designed exclusively for your industry. Pentegra offers the added advantage of more than 65 years of community-based financial institution retirement plan “best practices” and a user-board of directors comprised of clients—delivering a level of retirement plan oversight that is unmatched.


Pentegra’s retirement programs offer distinct advantages for credit unions, including Pentegra’s unique fiduciary role, which relieves credit unions and their boards of the fiduciary responsibilities associated with sponsoring a retirement plan.

401(k), Profit Sharing Services
Full service defined contribution plan services including custom plan design, plan consulting, plan document services, administration and recordkeeping services, legal and compliance services, government filings and tax reporting investment management and trustee services, unique fiduciary services, plan education and communication services, including 24/7 account access.

Defined Benefit Pension Plan Services
Full service pension plan services including custom plan design, plan consulting, plan document services, administration and recordkeeping services, actuarial services, legal and compliance services, investment management and trustee services, unique fiduciary services, plan education and communication services.

Private Label Retirement Programs
Full service, fully branded private label retirement programs for credit union to offer their commercial customers with a highly customized platform that includes a broad array of services, the ability to support a wide range of plan types, a flexible investment platform and complete control over branding and distribution.

Solution Benefits
As a Preferred Partner of NAFCU Services, Pentegra offers NAFCU members a full array of qualified retirement product offerings, industry expertise and credit union-focused solutions.

  • 65 years of experience in working with community-based financial institutions
  • Independent, cooperative approach
  • User Board of Directors made up of participating members delivers an unparalleled level of oversight
  • Unique fiduciary role
  • True full service retirement programs—including combined defined benefit and defined contribution plan capabilities
  • Customized plan communications that include 24/7 account access for plan sponsors and participants as well as onsite education meetings

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

As a credit union retirement plan specialist, Pentegra offers free retirement plan evaluations for NAFCU members. Complimentary plan reviews include comprehensive fiduciary compliance and fee analysis along with peer reviews and benchmarking.

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  •  New Survey Shows Retirement Attitudes and Awareness (Article)

    A new Pentegra Retirement Services survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive on its behalf in September 2012, revealed that nearly one-third (32%) of U.S. adults who would like to retire do not know if they will be able to retire or do not believe they will ever be able to retire. In addition only 19% -- nearly one in five adults  -- said that they will be able to retire at age 65.  

  •  10 Things Credit Union Executives Need to Know about Pensions and 401(k)s (Webinar)

    National retirement policy is becoming a topic of conversation not just in Washington but in boardrooms all over the U.S. and is shaping how credit unions structure and govern their retirement programs. View this recorded webinar to learn how to cut costs and improve retirement program results for your credit union!

  •  401(k) fee 101: How to Evaluate Plans and Identify Value (Webinar)

    The new Department of Labor fee disclosure rules for retirement plans go into effect July 2012. Did you know you have legal obligation to review your current plan fees? Watch this recorded webinar to learn how and where to start, the different types of service arrangements for retirement plans and the explanations of plan fees and expenses.

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    We’re big into energy conservation in my household, and it wasn’t until we began looking more seriously into why we were using so much electricity that we discovered the dark side of all those ‘instant on’ appliances and electronics. Plugged in all the time, they act like little energy vampires, sucking what is individually a small amount of electricity out of the grid for our convenience. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.

  •  Retirement Plan Fee Transparency...Are You Prepared? (Article)
    Fees and expenses are a part of every retirement plan. The new Department of Labor fee disclosure rules are designed to help you and your participants understand what you are paying for the services that you receive and the investments that you choose in your retirement plan. What you probably didn't realize is that as a plan fiduciary, you have legal obligation to review your plan fees. Learn more about how to understand and evaluate your plan fees and expenses in this helpful guide from Pentegra Retirement Services.
  •  Trends in the Defined Contribution Industry - Multiple Employer Plans (Article)
    One of the most compelling trends in the defined contribution industry today is the increased use of multiple employer plans. But, MEPs are not a new concept — they have been in existence for many years. So what has changed, and why is there renewed interest in these programs?
  •  The Free 401(k) Plan – Fact Or Fiction? (Whitepaper)
    With such a seemingly basic concept, why are 401(k) plan fees so elusive and complex? There is a common misconception in the marketplace that plans are “free” or offered at an insignificant cost. With the new DOL regulations on fee disclosure, fee transparency will become more important than ever before, as all plan fees will need to be disclosed. This article provides a summary of the types of parties and services involved in offering a 401(k) plan and how fees are charged for these services.
  •  Managing Your 401(k) for Maximum Results (Recorded Webinar)
    Ensure you and your credit union employees get the most out of your credit union retirement plan! Watch this recorded webinar to discover how to evaluate your plan's investment strategy, and help your participants develop a long term focus by understanding the time tested principles of investing for retirement.
  •  Understanding the Role of the Retirement Plan Fiduciary (Webcast)
    Rich Rausser Webcast 2010As a retirement plan fiduciary, you are personally accountable for providing prudent choices to ensure your plan is managed exclusively for the benefit of participants and beneficiaries – from selecting and monitoring plan investments and services to abiding by the plan's provisions. Rich Rausser of Pentegra Retirement Services offers an overview, several insights and an analysis of the role of a plan fiduciary in this educational webcast.
  •  Understanding Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses (Webcast)
    Rich Rausser Webcast 2010Rich Rausser of Pentegra Retirement Services helps credit unions understand and evaluate the multitude of retirement plan fees and expenses. He details the different types of retirement plan fees, where they come from, and how webcast viewers can evaluate them with their plan providers to ensure the perfect fit.
  •  Effective Retirement Plan Design for Credit Unions (Webcast)
    Rich Rausser Webcast 2010Retirement plans for employees represent a huge expense for credit unions. Designing a plan that works for both the credit union and employees requires consideration in several areas. Rich Rausser, Vice President at Pentegra Retirement Services, walks credit unions through design elements for successful retirement plans.
  •  Benchmarking Your Retirement Plan (Webcast)
    Rich Rausser Webcast 2010The process of benchmarking enables credit unions to examine whether their plans are effectively serving employees. As a key part of the compensation and benefits package, having a good 401(k) plan is critical to hiring and retaining great employees. Rich Rausser, Vice President at Pentegra Retirement Services, discusses key benchmarking metrics in this webcast.
  •  New Investment Strategies to Better Manage Pension Liabilities for Defined Benefit Plans (Podcast)
    As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Unfortunately, in no area has this been truer than in pension planning, in particular for defined benefit plans. In this podcast, we interview two retirement experts on how credit unions can best manage liabilities and volatility for defined benefits.
  •  The Impact of the Pension Protection Act on Defined Benefit Pension Plan Investing (Whitepaper)
    US pension fund investment managers are faced with the complex task of complying with the requirements of the PPA legislation in 2008. These requirements have profoundly changed the way pension liabilities must be valued, bringing mark to market valuations to liabilities. The PPA also gives managers the opportunity to update the valuation and investment of the assets.
  •  CEO and Board Liability for 401(k) and Retirement Plan Fiduciary Obligations (Podcast)
    This podcast focuses on CEO and Board Liability for 401(k) and Retirement Plans. Nearly every credit union has these plans in some form, and for every one someone – usually the CEO – serves as what is called the plan fiduciary. That role carries with it significant responsibilities and, as you will find out, significant personal (not corporate) liability as well.

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