Credit Union Compliance GPS Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a NAFCU member to purchase the GPS?

No. The GPS is available for purchase by NAFCU member credit unions, nonmember credit unions and any individual or organization that is interested. However, NAFCU members do receive discounted pricing.

What is the most recent version of the GPS?

The latest version of the GPS is the 2015 NAFCU Credit Union Compliance GPS, released in March 2015.

Why should I purchase the 2015 GPS if I already have the 2014 version?

The 2015 version includes over 30 new pages dedicated to the TILA/RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure rule as well as updates on major regulatory changes that occurred over the past year.

Do we receive the 2015 edition of the GPS if we register for the Regulatory Compliance Seminar?

The GPS is only provided free of charge for attendees of our Regulatory Compliance School in March. We don't currently have plans to provide the 2015 GPS to seminar attendees, but if we do, we would provide a refund to anyone who purchased the 2015 GPS.

Does the electronic GPS have “search” capabilities?

Yes. The GPS is downloaded as a PDF document and it is easily searchable (use “CTRL + F” to search by keyword). In addition, it includes bookmarks to help you navigate from chapter to chapter, from section to section and within a section.

Do other employees of my credit union or organization need to purchase the GPS to have access?

No. Only one GPS is needed per credit union or organization. The GPS can be freely shared among all staff. We do, however, ask that you not share the GPS with other credit unions or third-parties. Read full terms of use.

Will the GPS be periodically updated throughout the year, or will we need to buy a new GPS each year?

The GPS is currently set up to be updated on an annual basis. If your credit union buys the 2015 GPS, you will receive any mid-year updates – if they occur – for free.