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Understanding the Fundamentals of Credit Union Third Party Vendor Due Diligence (Webinar)
Understanding the Fundamentals of Credit Union Third Party Vendor Due Diligence (Webinar)

Third party vendor due diligence will continue to become more critical in the credit union space going forward. This webinar will provide NAFCU member credit unions with valuable insight into best practices related to vendor due diligence elements.

Partner Contact: Ron Zickert


2012 Innovation Awards SealAffinion focuses on what is most important to our clients: consistent, reliable service, an innovative product line and discount programs. We offer value-added insurance services such as AD&D insurance programs and Hospital Accident Protection (HAP) supplemental health care services.

Affinion Group is also a leader in ID theft protection and prevention, protecting the personal information of more than 10 million consumers. Our service offers a range of prevention tools from daily credit monitoring to protection of payment cards and personal checks.

Capturing market share, cross-selling, acquiring new and retaining existing members are major strategic imperatives with Affinion Group in the evolving financial services marketplace. We support a comprehensive line of products and services that create an extra measure of financial security and peace of mind for the credit unions we serves.

Affinion Group was founded in 1972 to provide Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance to credit unions. Since that time, it has become one of the world's leading providers of insurance products and value-added programs. 


AD&D Plan

Credit unions are attracted to the proven methodology that Affinion has refined over the past 40 years. A key indicator of an insurance block's performance is Premium Per Total Membership (PPTM). By this metric, ABG's performance is roughly double the average of competitors in the market, often within 90 days. Learn more about AD&D with Affinion

HAP program

The HAP Program pays cash benefits directly to the member in the event of hospitalization due to a covered accident. Insurers may receive as much as $200 for each day they are hospitalized. Members may accept a 60-day trial period at no cost before deciding to purchase the supplemental insurance.

Flex Checking

Affinion is proud to introduce Flex Checking, a powerful way to deliver a relevant retail strategy while tracking and rewarding behaviors that drive sustainable profitability for your institution. Flex Checking drives profitable behaviors while delivering value that your members expect and will pay for - resulting in deeper relationships, more non-interest income generation, and greater lifetime value. It also provides a soft-transition from free checking to a sustainable fee-based model.

To learn more about Affinion and Flex Checking, visit


  • Insurance program (AD&D) without cost for credit union members
  • Easily administered and marketed program


As a global leader with almost 40 years of experience, Affinion Group enhances the value of its partners' customer relationships by developing and marketing loyalty solutions. Leveraging its expertise in customer engagement, product development and targeted marketing, Affinion provides programs in subscription-based lifestyle services, personal protection, insurance and other areas to help generate increased customer loyalty and significant incremental revenue for more than 5,740 marketing partners worldwide, including many of the largest and most respected companies in financial services, retail, travel, and Internet commerce. Based in Stamford, Conn., the Company has approximately 4,300 employees and has marketing capabilities in 19 countries globally. Affinion holds the prestigious ISO 27001 certification for the highest information security practices, is PCI Level 1 compliant and Cybertrust certified. For more information, visit

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

Consulting and program evaluation at no cost.

Educational Resources

  •  Understanding the Fundamentals of Credit Union Third Party Vendor Due Diligence (Webinar)
    Third party vendor due diligence will continue to become more critical in the credit union space going forward. This webinar will provide NAFCU member credit unions with valuable insight into best practices related to vendor due diligence elements.
  •  The Future of Member Service (Recorded Webinar)
    Implementing metrics that create less member effort and focusing on First Contact Resolution will ensure that your business is ready to meet the expectations of today’s member; thus driving member loyalty and satisfaction.
  •  Reaching the Right Members (Webinar)
    This webinar shares decades of data and experience in matching the most relevant and effective mailings to the receptive and responsive members with the right frequency and products.
  •  Leveraging Insurance Products to Create Loyalty (Webinar)
    Learn how insurance creates a tenured relationship between a consumer and credit union, find out who is buying insurance, and the impact insurance has on retention.
  •  Gamification: Three Steps to Foolproof Engagement (Blog Post)
    Although the concept has been around for decades, the term “gamification” was coined in 2002 and exponentially gained popularity around 2010. It’s widely used for diverse applications in marketing, education, loyalty building, productivity boosting, security authentication, incentive programs, and more.
  •  Accelerate Your Credit Union’s Auto Loans (Blog Post)
    With over 12 million Americans still out of work, it should come as no surprise that consumers are hanging on to their cars for three to four years longer than they did in pre-recessionary times. Yet America’s long-standing love affair with cars continues — and that presents plenty of opportunities for credit unions. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  It’s time for a change! Learn new strategies in merchant funded rewards. (Webinar)

    Interested in a merchant-funded rewards program for your members?  Confused by the many technologies and providers in the market? Learn about new strategies and best practices in merchant funded rewards and how to increase account acquisition, spend and loyalty through a turnkey, low-cost solution with this recorded webinar.

  •  Three Steps to Foolproof Member Engagement (Podcast and Presentation)

    To create a successful marketing strategy for member engagement, there are key factors credit unions should take into consideration. How do you define your target audience? How should you refine your marketing efforts? How do you refocus your strategy to take advantage of those opportunities? Each generation of consumers makes different purchasing decisions and is therefore more receptive to certain marketing efforts. By understanding who your target audience is and their demographic, credit unions will be able to craft specific marketing strategies to become more profitable. 

  •  Accelerate Your Credit Union Auto Loans (Article)

    Mr. Conte guest-writes the "Inside NAFCU Services" column, reserved for the organization's Preferred Partner experts. This column provides evidence that demand for auto purchases is rebounding in America. This column also provides actionable items for credit unions to maximize this area of expanding opportunity. 

  •  Minding the Gap: How to Protect Your Members in a Service Economy (Webcast)
    The best way to help members is to educate them on programs that they can benefit from. In this webcast, you will learn how members are saving for unexpected events. Joining us in this webcast on this all too important topic is Wayne Conte with Affinion Group. Wayne will go into more detail why your members need AD&D Insurance while reviewing case studies from other financial institutions.
  •  The Best of the Best – 2012 NAFCU Services Innovation Awards (Blog Post)
    Innovation can be hard to define, but you can think of it as “the successful application of new ideas.”  ‘Application’ is the key word there – new ideas are the easy part – figuring out which are the good ones, and then applying them successfully, is more difficult. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Protecting Your Members on the Social Web (Webcast)
    AffinionWebcast061312Protecting your members while they engage on the social web is becoming more important. The recent password hacking incident with LinkedIn showcased the dangers of the social web today. With these dangers, it is important that you safeguard your members. This webcast will teach you how to do just that.
  •  Data Breach Preparation and Response (Podcast and Presentation)
    Has your credit union considered how member relations, legal compliance and brand reputation might be affected during a data breach? In this 2012 NAFCU Technology & Security Conference session recording you will learn about the risks of data breaches and how they could impact your credit union.
  •  Data Breach Preparedness and Response – A Handy “How-To” (Blog Post)
    With the recent headlines about yet another data breach affecting credit unions and their members, I wanted to point you to a resource that might help you respond effectively. Because this isn’t the first data breach and it certainly won’t be the last. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Striking the Right Balance: Free vs. Fee Checking Account Strategies (Webinar)
    To help address challenges of replacing lost fee income, maximizing member value and attracting new members, credit unions are reevaluating their account structures. They are taking a close look at free checking programs and other account benefits and pricing strategies through the retail channel. Watch a recently recorded webinar to learn strategies that leading credit unions are employing that are not only profitable for the credit union, but meet the needs of members as well.
  •  On-boarding and Delighting New Members (Webcast)
    Credit unions spend a lot of time and energy on finding and acquiring new members, but what they do once they get those new members deserves just as much attention. In this webcast, we discuss the initial interactions that your credit union has with new members and how those interactions are critical to building trusting and lasting member relationships.
  •  Designing Accounts to Deliver Member Value (Webcast)

    With recent financial reform regulations, credit unions have been faced with some tough decisions when it comes to their product and service offerings. Among those is the question of offering free or fee-based checking accounts.

  •  Evolution of Identity Theft and Ensuring Your Members' Protection (Webcast)
    Todd Werner Webcast 2010There have been nearly 50 million cases of id theft in the last five years and almost 20 million in the last two years. This equates to a cost of about $56 billion annually or $6,000 per person on an anual basis. In this webcast we are joined by Todd Werner, VP Marketing for Affinion Group, to discuss the evolution of identity theft including disturbing examples of how easy it is to steal someone's identity.
  •  Trends in Identity Fraud (Webcast)
    Todd Werner Webcast 2010It is nearly impossible to go a full week without opening up the newspaper and seeing a story about some case of identity theft or breach of a security system due to identity theft. In this webcast we are joined by Todd Werner, VP, Marketing for Affinion Group as he reviews recent research findings on identity theft from several sources and offers insight into ways credit unions can help members prevent and detect identity theft.
  •  Best Practices for Member Engagement (Webcast)
    Todd Werner Webcast 2010It is no surprise that credit unions face critical challenges in attracting new members, retaining their existing members and, in particular, building and maintaining trust in their organization as a financial institution. At their core, each one of these challenges require a high level of member engagement. In this webcast you will learn about what member engagement is as well as best practices to maximize member engagement at your credit union.
  •  Engaging Members in Tough Times (Article)
    In the July/August issue of The Federal Credit Union Magazine , Wayne Conte of Affinion Group helps credit unions understand how to engage members in a tough economy.

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