Become an NCVE

Two opportunities to become certified

To earn your NCVE certification, you must attend the NCVE pre-conference workshop and pass the NCVE certification exam at one of two NAFCU conferences:

The workshops are taught by NAFCU Executive Vice President and COO Anthony Demangone, who has spent more than a decade studying credit union boards, risk, regulation and the credit union industry.

Pricing (in addition to conference registration):

  • Workshop: $75 Members; $100 Nonmembers
  • Exam: $30 Members; $50 Nonmembers

Add the workshop and exam options during your conference registration.

Study Resource

At your pre-conference workshop you'll receive a free Credit Union Director Handbook, written by the workshop leader, Anthony Demangone. The handbook covers the key material you'll need to better understand your role, how the credit union system works, and to help you pass your NCVE exam. The handbook is expounded upon at the pre-conference workshop, but is also an excellent resource for credit union supervisory committee and board members on its own. (The handbook can be purchased separately.)

About the Certification Exam

The exam consists of 50 questions, with a mix of True/False, Yes/No and complex multiple-choice questions. A passing grade is 76% correct (38/50).