Compliance Online Training Courses and Modules

In addition to the past year's live webcasts, the Compliance Webcast & Online Training Subscription includes self-paced, evergreen training modules in its Compliance Course Libraries listed below. Check back frequently for new modules!

Compliance Course Library: BSA/Privacy/Security

  • BSA Update for Experienced Credit Union Bank Secrecy Act Officers
  • Security Incident Response – Lessons Learned
  • Managing Credit Union Vendor Due Diligence and Third Party Relationships
  • Vendor Management Overview
  • Record Retention Overview

Compliance Course Library: Lending

  • Loan Originator Qualifications and Training
  • Loan Originator Disclosure Requirements
  • Prepare Your Credit Union to Meet SAFE Act Requirements
  • (Additional lending modules appear in the past year's live webcasts)

Compliance Course Library: Member Accounts

  • 10 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do with IRAs
  • Managing Risks for Online Accounts
  • Regulation D: Transaction Limits on Savings Accounts

Compliance Course Library: Risk Management

  • NCUA Risk Series: Slaying the Dragon - Understanding and Managing Compliance Risk
  • NCUA Risk Series: Transaction Risk
  • NCUA Risk Series: Strategic Risk
  • NCUA Risk Series: Reputation Risk
  • Everything (Including BSA) is Risk Management
  • Building an Effective Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Effective Resources to Manage Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk
  • Social Media and Website Compliance
  • A Detailed Look Inside NCUA’s New Interest Rate Risk Rule
  • Risks, Regulations, and Rewards for 2014

Compliance Course Library: Fundamental Credit Union Issues / Miscellaneous

  • Master Your Exam: Issues, Tips and Insight from NCUA
  • Federal Credit Union Act and NCUA
  • The Credit Union's Annual Meeting
  • Expelling a Member
  • Limitation of Services
  • End of Year Tax Reporting—Make sure your credit union is prepared!
  • 401(k) fee 101: How to Evaluate Plans and Identify Value
  • Board Due Diligence & Executive Compensation
  • Using Your Credit Union’s Incidental Powers Wisely
  • Implementing an Effective Employee Assessment Program
  • Complying with Wage and Hour Laws
  • How to Effectively Manage Leave Under ADA and FMLA
  • Power of Attorney and Handling Subpoenas
  • Credit Union Litigation: Protect Your Credit Union from Member Lawsuits
  • Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Ethics & Fiduciary Duties