Contact the Compliance Team

NAFCU Compliance Helpline

As a NAFCU member, your credit union staff has complete access to NAFCU's Compliance Team for assistance with federal compliance issues. We are here to help. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to answer compliance issues within 24 business hours and we often respond much faster.

Email or call the Compliance Helpline at 877-623-2887.

Meet the Compliance Team

JiJi Bahhur

JiJi Bahhur, NCCO, Director of Regulatory Compliance

Direct: 703-842-2202 | Email:

Brandy Bruyere

Brandy Bruyere, NCCO, Senior Regulatory Compliance Counsel

Direct: 703-842-2221| Email:

Eliott Ponte

Eliott C. Ponte, NCCO, Regulatory Compliance Counsel

Direct: 703-842-2268 | Email:

Victoria Daka

Victoria Daka, NCCO, Regulatory Compliance Counsel

Direct: 703-842-2247 | Email:

Elizabeth LaBerge 100x100

Elizabeth M. Young LaBerge, Regulatory Compliance Counsel

Direct: 703-842-2272 | Email:

Shari Pogach

Shari R. Pogach, NCCO, Regulatory Paralegal

Direct: 703-842-2207 | Email:

Note: NAFCU's compliance team cannot provide legal advice to credit unions. We can help you find the federal regulatory information you need to make a decision – but we are unable to approve policies, advertisements or perform other activities that may be considered rendering legal advice.