2015 Session Handouts

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2015 Strategic Growth Conference attendees may download handouts for sessions at the links below. Handouts are password protected for attendees only. If you are an attendee of the conference and misplaced your password, please contact NAFCU's Member Services Center at msc@nafcu.org.

The Mobile Future of Financial Marketing Earn CPE Credits

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Presented by Ron Shevlin, Senior Analyst, Aité Group

In the good old days, financial marketing was straightforward. If a bank or credit union needed to promote a product, they simply ran an ad in the paper and sent out some postcards. But now the mobile channel has made marketing a lot more complicated. What will banks and credit unions do when consumers learn about, research and open new checking accounts using only their iPhones? How will financial marketers sell new loans when the shopping experience is 100% mobile from start to finish? How will marketers need to adapt when tablets and smartphones dominate the new business development process?

In this session, Ron will explain:

  • What financial marketing in the mobile channel looks like.
  • How mobile devices can be used to generate new loans, new accounts and new relationships.
  • New skills and strategies financial marketers will need in the all-mobile world.
  • How some financial institutions are already utilizing mobile technologies in the consumer's path-to-purchase.

For CPAs only: Recommended Field of Study - Marketing

Business Development for Extreme Growth Earn CPE Credits

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Presented by Rich Jones, President/CEO, Leading2Leadership LLC

Have you considered how your business development strategy could move the dial from incremental growth to large scale growth? In this session, you'll closely examine specific tactics and business development compensation models that focus on member growth and new member engagement. The strategies and tactics presented in this session will enable you to begin your own large scale growth at your credit union.

For CPAs only: Recommended Field of Study - Business Management & Organization

"Future Shock: Technology, Innovation & A New Strategy" Keynote Presentation

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Presented by Lee Wetherington, AAP, Director of Strategic Insight, ProfitStars

The future is always already here … take advantage. Learn how to begin attracting new members—and better-serving your existing ones—by utilizing new technology to re-envision your products and services.

Technology Innovation and Competition in Payments

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Presented by Melissa Fox, Manager, First Annapolis Consulting

How do you make sure you retain your members with all of the competition in mobile payments? This session will be a deep dive into how new technological innovations will change the payments industry and how they can benefit your members and your credit union.

Mobile Payments: A Credit Union's Take

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Presented by Meghan Gound, AVP eChannels, Navy Federal Credit Union

Mobile is changing the expectations of consumers, especially millennials. In this session, you will get a broad look at the landscape of mobile and mobile payments. We will look at adoption drivers and barriers for the latest payment technologies, and focus on specific topics such as person-to-person transfers and Apple Pay.

Delivery Redirect: Start Now or Perish Later!

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Presented by Terence Roche, Principal, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.

The massive shift of member behavior to new channels to purchase and use financial services is no longer a matter of if, but how fast and how far. "Wait and see" is not an option for anybody. This session will discuss specific steps credit unions can take now to prepare for future delivery and examine new metrics that will need to be a part of successful future delivery.

Preserving the Credit Union Brand in Mobile Wallets

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Presented by Chris Otey, Chief Revenue Officer, CU Wallet

Mobile wallets are poised to be the next disruptive force in financial services. With a number of mobile wallet platforms available, it is important that credit unions develop an effective wallet strategy that aligns with their objectives and their members' expectations and needs. This session will provide insight into merchant strategies, avoiding disintermediation from third parties and revenue generating opportunities with a mobile wallet.

Credit Union Growth through Commercial Lending

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Presented by Mary Wamsley, President/CEO, Strategic Banking Partners

Competition for member dollars that fuel growth continues to increase and encourages Credit Unions to be innovative in identifying opportunities to improve their bottom line. One avenue for growth is through commercial lending which enables members to finance their business, while your credit union maintains member loyalty. The process of breaking into the commercial lending arena can be challenging and oftentimes gets cast to the wayside because the results are not immediately evident.

Member Experience: The Multi-Channel ChallengeEarn CPE Credits

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Presented by Tansley Stearns, Chief Impact Officer, Filene Research Institute

Who in your credit union owns the member experience strategy? How do you create harmonious, meaningful experiences for your members? And how can you evolve your member experience in a way that grows revenue and increases your operational efficiency? Successful credit unions create a flexible multi-channel experience enabling their members to shift between channels to achieve a desired experience. We'll explore creative, fun examples of customer experiences, both good and bad, to discern the key things to think about as you develop your credit union's multi-channel experience.

For CPAs only: Recommended Field of Study - Marketing

Regulatory Update Earn CPE Credits

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Presented by Alicia Nealon, Director of Regulatory Affairs, NAFCU

This session will provide an overview of the current regulatory environment and its impact on your credit union. Learn firsthand from NAFCU's Director of Regulatory Affairs about the rulemakings coming down the pike from NCUA, the CFPB, FHFA and other regulators.

For CPAs only: Recommended Field of Study - Regulatory Ethics

5 Ideas to Help Employees Thrive

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Presented by Anthony Demangone, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, NAFCU

Mobile banking. Payments strategy. Data security. Branches. There are so many places to focus our attention as the pace of change in financial services heats up. But don't forget to develop your biggest investment – your staff. This session goes beyond technology and trends. It focuses on people. Everyone wants a self-motivated workforce that produces fantastic results. Anthony Demangone, NAFCU's EVP/COO will discuss five ideas that you can use to guide your workforce in that direction.

Workshop: Developing a Member Experience Culture

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Presented by Mike Neill, President and Founder, Michael Neill & Associates, Inc.

"Member Experience" means creating the best possible interaction between your employees and members, at every touch point. Employees should also positively demonstrate how products and services can improve the members' financial well-being. The infrastructure to support this has to be in place, so you can shift from "fast, accurate and friendly" to a service level makes your members want to give you more of their business. In this session we'll explore how you can improve employee engagement, performance and ultimately credit union revenue.