NAFCU in the News


House Committee Considering Host of Financial Bills (Credit Union Journal, July 29)

NAFCU Report Details New Salary Data (Credit Union Times, July 28)

NAFCU Releases Salary Comparison Report (, July 28)

House Urged To Support The ‘REINS Act’ (, July 28)

Markup Of Bills Of Interest To CUs Begins Today (, July 27)

NAFCU Urges Congress to Raise SBA Loan Cap (National Mortgage Professional Magazine, July 27)

NAFCU urges the FHFA to leave the conforming loan limit alone (HousingWire, July 27)

NAFCU Requests That FHFA Leave Conforming Loan Limit at Current Level (The MReport, July 27)

FHFA Urged To Not Increase Conforming Loan Limit (, July 27)

Is this the last Federal Reserve meeting for record-low interest rates? (, July 27)

Mortgage trades join to urge formal TRID hold-harmless period (HousingWire, July 27)

Goal To Get Legislation Intro’d, Amended to Boost SBA Limit (, July 26)

NCUA Removes Fixed Asset Threshold (Credit Union Times, July 24)

Credit union association responds to banker group’s op-ed (The Hill, July 24)

Compliance Burdens Weigh on Small Credit Unions (Credit Union Times, July 24)

Credit Unions Fighting for Survival (Wall Street Journal, July 23)

Subjective UDAAP Enforcement the Next Big Threat (Credit Union Times, July 23)

Credit Unions Don’t Represent Their Members: Matz (Credit Union Times, July 23)


Matz, McWatters Agree on Budget Transparency: Onsite Coverage (Credit Union Times, July 23)

NAFCU Again Calls For More Input CU Into NCUA Budget Process (, July 23)

G-fee cuts significantly delayed by controversial Senate transportation bill (HousingWire, July 22)

Groups Press Senate Not to Increase Fees on Government-Backed Mortgages (, July 22)

Dodd-Frank's Fifth Anniversary Is No Cause for Celebration (American Banker, July 21)

5 years later, 5 things to know about Dodd-Frank (, July 21)

Dodd-Frank Continues to Polarize 5 Years Later (Credit Union Times, July 21)

Congress & Industry Leaders Discuss Dodd-Frank’s Progress on its Fifth Anniversary (The MReport, July 21)

Dodd-Frank Anniversary Part I: NAFCU Says Legislation Has Led to ‘Demise’ Of Many CUs
(, July 20)

Military Lending Rules Finalized (Credit Union Times, July 21)

DoD Issues Final Military Lending Rule With Goal of Stopping Predatory Lenders (, July 21)

Bill Would Affect CUs’ Ability To Lend, Foreclose (, July 20)

NAFCU Says FCC Move Will Make It ‘More Difficult’ to Contact Members Regarding ID Theft, Breaches
(, July 19)

New Bill Pushes for CFPB Rule Exemptions (Credit Union Times, July 17)

GAO Backs NCUA Vendor Authority (Credit Union Times, July 17)

Campus Card Rules Criticized (Credit Union Times, July 17)

Trades Join to Fight Added Mortgage Reporting (Credit Union Times, July 17)

NAFCU to Congress: HR 3038 burden for smaller, community institutions (HousingWire, July 17)

NAFCU Regulatory Compliance Seminar Set For November (, July 16)

Matz To Testify On NCUA’s Budget Before Congress (, July 14)

With NCUA Mid-Year Budget Review Pending, NAFCU Urges A Line-Item Review (, July 13)

NAFCU Calls On NCUA To Go Further With IOLTA Coverage (, July 13)

CU Trades Join Nearly Two-Dozen Groups Thanking Senators For Bill (, July 13)

Federal Advocacy More Important Than Ever Post Dodd-Frank (Credit Union Times, July 10)

Matz, McWatters Trade Oversight, Transparency Allegations (Credit Union Times, July 10)

McWatters Dissatisfied With CBA Process (Credit Union Times, July 10)

Making Security Affordable (Credit Union Times, July 10)

Who Will Win This Head-to-Head Battle? (Credit Union Journal, July 10)

CFPB Issues ‘Guiding Principles’ For Payments; Trades Have Guidance for CFPB (, July 9)

World A Better Place Post Dodd-Frank? NAFCU Says No (, July 9)

‘The Federal Credit Union’ Wins EXCEL Award (, July 9)

Home Depot Moves to Dismiss Breach Suit (Credit Union Times, July 8)

Home Depot Wants Court To Toss Lawsuit By Banks, CUs (, July 8)

Senate Holds Hearing On Cybercrime; CUs Press For Two Bills (, July 8)

Mortgage, housing trades urge CFPB to extend TRID deadline, again (HousingWire, July 8)

NCUA Bargaining Agreement Details Revealed (Credit Union Times, July 8)

CUs, CUSOs Pan GAO Call for Expanding NCUA Purview (Credit Union Journal, July 7)

Dissecting Dodd-Frank 5 Years Later (Credit Union Times, July 7)

Co-Sponsors Of ‘Stop & Study’ Seek Others To Stop And Sign On (, July 7)

Divided Response to GAO Call for NCUA To Have Third Party Oversight (, July 7)

With New Common Bond Rules Taking Effect, NCUA Issues Guidance (, July 7)

NAFCU, NASCUS Back TILA-RESPA Delay (Credit Union Times, July 7)

Credit Union Organizations Respond to GAO Recommendation on Vendor Authority (The MReport, July 6)

Read the fine print in jobs report (Bankrate, July 2)

League Letters Continue Debate Over RBC Stop & Study (Credit Union Times, July 1)

Advocacy Dominates Trade Group Evolution (Credit Union Times, July 1)

MAX leader wins CEO award (Montgomery Advertiser, June 30)

With Congress At Recess, D.C. Focus Is On Agencies, Departments (, June 29)

Alicia Nealon: Fighting Credit Union Overregulation (Credit Union Times, June 26)

VIDEO: Why Changing the NAFCU Bylaws Was Long Time Coming… (CUbroadcast, June 25)

What's Coming in Next 6 Months in 'Year of Regulatory Relief' (, June 25)

DOD May About Face on CU Payday Loans: Onsite Reporting (Credit Union Times, June 25)

Panel Talks RBC, Transparency and One Senator's 'Effect' (, June 25)

At NAFCU Conference, Attendees Help Stuff Backpacks For Children (, June 25)

Credit Union CEOs Earn Up to $846,600: Onsite Coverage (Credit Union Times, June 25)

On Lawmakers And Credit Unions (, June 25)

Developing the 'Branch of the Future' Right Now: NAFCU Coverage (Credit Union Journal, June 24)

NAFCU Continues Commitment to Federal Issues: Onsite Reporting (Credit Union Times, June 24)

CFPB changes TRID effective date — again (HousingWire, June 24)

NAFCU Eyed FISCUs as Potential Members for Nearly a Decade (Credit Union Journal, June 24)

NAFCU's Berger On Playing Offense, Expanding To State Charters, NCUA, A New Alliance, & More (, June 24)

NAFCU Announces Alliance For Sharing Polices, Procedures, In Real Time (, June 24)

NAFCU Announces Its New Board, Executive Officers (, June 24)

NAFCU Names White Hat, CU Challenge Winners (, June 24)

NAFCU Opens Membership to Federally Insured, State-Chartered Credit Unions (Reuters, June 23)

NAFCU Opens Membership to Federally Insured, State-Chartered Credit Unions (Bloomberg Business, June 23)

NAFCU Opens Membership to Federally Insured, State-Chartered Credit Unions (Yahoo! Finance, June 23)

NAFCU Opens Membership to Federally Insured, State-Chartered Credit Unions (Digital Journal, June 23)

NAFCU Opens Membership to Federally Insured, State-Chartered Credit Unions (Benzinga, June 23)

NAFCU Opens Membership to Federally Insured State Charters (, June 23)

NAFCU Opens Membership to State-Chartered Credit Unions (Credit Union Journal, June 23)

NAFCU Expands Membership to State Chartered Credit Unions (Credit Union Times, June 23)

Bankers Vow 'Vigorous' Opposition to Expanded MBL; NAFCU Responds (, June 23)

Congressional Hearings To Watch This Week (, June 22)

Cybersecurity Legislation Holds Retailers Accountable (Credit Union Times, June 19)

Advocacy, Education & Compliance: Solid Foundation For Success (Credit Union Journal, June 19)

Credit Unions Set to Become Formidable Business Lending Threat (American Banker, June 19)

Get Your Fête Nationale On in Montreal (Credit Union Times, June 19)

Trade Associations Weigh In On MBL Proposal (, June 18)

4 Last Minute Preparations for NAFCU's Annual Conference (Credit Union Times, June 18)

MBA, NAR, industry trade groups weigh in on TRID delay (HousingWire, June 18)

Financial Organizations Fight Patent Trolls (Credit Union Times, June 18)

NCUA Proposes Drastic MBL Regulation Changes (Credit Union Times, June 18)

CFPB Delays TRID Implementation Deadline (, June 17)

House Bill to Delay RBC2 Reveals Split Among Trade Groups (Credit Union Journal, June 17)

CFPB Proposes TILA-RESPA Deadline Delay (Credit Union Times, June 17)

HR 2769: A Vital Step for Credit Unions in the RBC Debate (Credit Union Times, June 17)

House Holds Hearing On Cyber Threats (, June 16)

Bill Introduced That Challenges NCUA Authority on Risk-Based Capital Proposal (, June 16)

House Introduces Bill to Delay NCUA Capital Proposal (Credit Union Journal, June 15)

Congressional Bill Calls for RBC Rule Review (Credit Union Times, June 15)

Congress must act against cyber crime (The Hill, June 15)

Federal Worker CUs Brace For Impact From OPM Data Breach (Credit Union Journal, June 15)

Patent Troll Bill Passes Out of Committee (, June 15)

House Passes Bill Saving CUs From Costly IRS Reporting Requirement (, June 14)

House Judiciary Committee Approves H.R. 9 (, June 11)

NCUA Member Data Controls Inadequate: OIG Audit (Credit Union Times, June 11)

NAFCU Supports Proposed Relief On Part 704; But Also Wants Assessments Reimbursed (, June 11)

Trade groups join Congress to push CFPB for formalized TRID grace period (HousingWire, June 10)

Broad Coalition Backing Delay In TRID Compliance Date (, June 10)

Six Federal Agencies Issue Standards On Diversity (, June 9)

NCUA Says Staff Records Not Involved In OPM Hack (, June 8)

Credit Unions Could Cash In on Same-Day ACH (Credit Union Times, June 5)

Data Breach Exposes 4 Million Government Workers (Credit Union Times, June 4)

NAFCU Tells Congress CU Exam Process Needs Improving (, June 4)

NAFCU: S.1137 Only First Step In Curbing Abusive PAE Tactics (, June 4)

The MReport Webcast: Thursday 6/4/2015 (The MReport, June 4)

FinCEN Report Eyes Credit Unions (Credit Union Times, June 4)

FinCEN Report Eyes CUs as Potential Conduits for Money Laundering (Credit Union Journal, June 3)

CUs A Focus In FinCEN Report On MSBs (, June 3)

CFPB Clarifies TILA-RESPA Rule (Credit Union Times, June 3)

CFPB Listens To CUs On Mortgage Disclosures Rule (, June 3)

Industry welcomes TRID grace period but Congress says it’s not enough (HousingWire, June 3)

Loan Income Outpaces Investments: NCUA (Credit Union Journal, June 2)

Vendor Authority Back in the Spotlight (Credit Union Times, May 29)

Advocacy, Education and Compliance: NAFCU Revamps Strategy (Credit Union Times, May 29)

Congress Urges CFPB to Delay Enforcement of New Mortgage Disclosures (Credit Union Journal, May 26)

Legislation Would Provide CUs With Parity At FHLBs (, May 26)

MasterCard’s Chief Franchise Officer To Speak At NAFCU Annual (, May 26)

Target's $19 million breach settlement with MasterCard falls through (FierceRetailIT, May 26)

Banking Groups Pan USPS Proposal to Offer Financial Services (Morning Consult, May 26)

MasterCard’s Target Breach Settlement Halted (, May 26)

Many Good Reasons for Credit Unions’ Tax Exemption (Wall Street Journal, May 26)

Target and MasterCard just scrapped a $19 million deal to settle data breach claims (Business Insider, May 23)

Target and MasterCard’s $19M Deal to Compensate Data Breach Losses Falls Through (Trinity News Daily, May 23)

Target and MasterCard scrap Deal to Settle Claims of Data Breach (NY City News, May 23)

No bank support for Target's settlement with MasterCard (TH, May 23)

Target Settlement With MasterCard Fails to Get Bank Support (, May 22)

Target's breach settlement with MasterCard collapses (, May 22)

Settlement rejected in Target data breach (Washington Post, May 22)

Target settlement with MasterCard falls apart (Los Angeles Times, May 22)

Future of Target, MasterCard Data Breach Deal Remains in Flux (, May 22)

Card Issuers Get Combative as Target Breach Settlement Unravels (American Banker, May 22)

Report: $19M breach settlement between MasterCard, Target terminated (SC Magazine, May 22)

Target, MasterCard Settlement Failure Priceless to Plaintiffs (Credit Union Times, May 22)

MasterCard Fails To Reach Settlement With Target (, May 22)

Will MasterCard, Target Renegotiate? (Data Breach Today, May 22)

MasterCard's $19m Target settlement falls through (Finextra, May 22)

MasterCard's settlement with Target fails to get bank support (The Augusta Chronicle, May 22)

Proposed $19 million data breach settlement between Target and MasterCard is voided (StarTribune, May 22)

MasterCard's $19M data breach settlement with Target dies after failing to get bank support (, May 22)

Target, MasterCard settlement fails to get bank support (SC Times, May 22)

Future of Target, MasterCard Data Breach Deal Remains in Flux (Morningstar, May 22)

Target Settlement: Deal with MasterCard falls through (The Berkshire Eagle, May 22)

Target facing bigger data breach payout as banks reject $19M settlement (BringMeTheNews, May 22)

Credit unions applaud bipartisan reform bill on FHLB membership (HousingWire, May 22)

Senate Banking Committee Approves Reg Relief Measure (Credit Union Times, May 21)

Housing, mortgage finance getting a break from Washington? (HousingWire, May 21)

Senate Banking Committee Approves Reg Relief Bill (, May 21)

Senate Committee Passes Regulatory Reform Bill on Party Lines (National Mortgage Professional Magazine, May 21)

Trade Groups Tell Senator They Back Effort To Choke Operation Choke Point (, May 21)

NCUA: TCCUSF Continues Solid Performance (, May 21)

Mission Fed CEO Debra Schwartz to Serve Additional Term on Board of National Association of Federal Credit Unions (San Diego Business Journal, May 21)

Critical that Congress pass national data security standards for retailers now (The Hill, May 19)

Business people (Star Tribune, May 17)

Local credit union chief honored with national title (The Reporter, May 16)

Banks, Credit Unions Join Forces to Push for Reg Relief (American Banker, May 15)

Women Who Impact San Diego (San Diego Metro Magazine, May 15)

Mortgage industry: Give us a “good-faith” grace period on TRID (HousingWire, May 14)

Shelby Bill Receives Praise From Trades (Credit Union Times, May 13)

The Federal Buzz: Data Security Proposal (E-Commerce Times, May 13)

Chase’s Chip Tech Expands To Protect More Payments (, May 13)

NAFCU’s Board Of Directors And Supervisory Committee Conference Underway (, May 12)

Should Your Small Business Choose a Credit Union Instead of a Bank? (, May 12)

NAFCU’s 2015 Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference kicks off (CU Insight, May 11)

VIDEO: Berger talks about his testimony on data security and the call for greater retailer accountability (CUbroadcast, May 8)


NAFCU Names Honorees for 2015 Awards (Credit Union Journal, May 8)

NAFCU announces 2015 Annual Awards competition winners (CU Insight, May 6)

Lawmakers Seek to Give Lenders More Time for New Mortgage Disclosures (Credit Union Journal, May 5)

CUs Support Raising Definition of 'Small' (Credit Union Journal, May 5)

The Charity Route Into Credit Unions Is Still Open (The Wall Street Journal, May 4)

EMV Shift Completion Expected in 2017 (Credit Union Times, May 4)

Credit unions offer great mortgage deals (The Charlotte Observer, May 4) 

End Zone: Like NFL, Would CUs Ever Give Up Tax-Exemption? (Credit Union Journal, May 1)

Regulator Sets New Rules on Credit-Union Membership (The Wall Street Journal, April 30)

RBC2 Sets New Comment Letter Record, FOM on Tap (Credit Union Journal, April 30)

House GOP Seeks to Delay Pentagon's Lending Rules (American Banker, April 29)

Small Lenders Wage On In Fight Against Breach Settlements (, April 29)

RBC2: 1,900 Letters and Counting (Credit Union Times, April 27)

After Target and Home Depot Breaches, Small Lenders Object to Settlements (NASDAQ, April 27)

After Target and Home Depot Breaches, Small Lenders Object to Settlements (Wall Street Journal, April 27)

Why is the NCUA Hiding in the Dark? (Credit Union Times, April 27)

NAFCU to NCUA on RBC2: Exit on the Right (Credit Union Times, April 24)

House Committee Grills Fazio (Credit Union Times, April 23)

Small business leaders urge Congress to rethink cybersecurity measures (The Washington Post, April 23)

Data Security Is Everyone's Responsibility: Berger (Credit Union Times, April 22)

Cybercrime has Reached 'Epic Proportions:' Berger (Credit Union Journal, April 22)

House to Vote on CFPB Advisory Board Bill (Credit Union Times, April 21)

Many credit unions offer tempting mortgage deals (Orlando Sentinel, April 20)

Many credit unions offer tempting mortgage deals (Chicago Tribune, April 20)

Many credit unions offer tempting mortgage deals (Los Angeles Times, April 19)

Credit unions becoming source of great mortgage deals (Boston Herald, April 19)

Credit unions offering great mortgage deals (Columbus Dispatch, April 19)

NAFCU: We've Always Opposed CFPB Rulemaking (Credit Union Times, April 17)

Cybersecurity bills move forward on Capitol Hill (SC Magazine, April 17)

Credit unions offer great mortgage deals (Arizona Daily Star, April 17)

Attractive mortgage terms draw first-time home buyers to credit unions (The Washington Post, April 17)

Target Settles With MasterCard (, April 16)

Target, MasterCard Settle Over Breach (Bank Info Security, April 16)

Target paying $19 million over credit card breach (FORTUNE, April 16)

Target's MasterCard settlement: $19 million (USA Today, April 15)

CFPB Issues Final Rule On How To Submit Consumer Credit Card Agreements (, April 15)

House Passes Mortgage Choice Act (Credit Union Times, April 15)

New Senate Bill Would Require NCUA Hold Public Budget Hearings (Credit Union Journal, April 14)

Senate Bill Would Require NCUA Budget Hearings (Credit Union Times, April 14)

Senate Bill Calls For Greater NCUA Budget Transparency (, April 14)

Former Congressmen To Talk End To DC Gridlock at Caucus (, April 14)

Credit Union Bills Head for House Vote (Credit Union Times, April 13)

Credit Union Groups Urge CFPB to Amend Servicing Regs (National Mortgage News, April 10)

Oh, the Irony: The NCUA, NCUSIF & Alabama One (Credit Union Times, April 10)

Credit Union Reg Relief Set For House Vote (Credit Union Times, April 8)

Why Are Credit Unions the Last to Know? Letter to the Editor (Credit Union Times, April 7)

Trade Groups Push For Changes In Flood Hazard Determination Form (, April 7)

What About a 1-Item Wish List in Washington? (, April 6)

MORE EMV FEUDING (POLITICO Morning Cybersecurity, April 6)

Retail Group: Delay Launch of Upgraded Payment Systems (Associations Now, April 6)

Retailers, Banks Skirmish Over EMV Deadline (Cards Not, April 6)

Credit Union Group: Regulate Retailers Like Banks (, April 6)


Credit unions, retailers tussle over payment security (The Hill, April 3)

Trade Group Asks for Delay on Card-Security Plan (Wall Street Journal, April 2)

Retailers Push For Delay In Implementing New Data Security Features (Huffington Post, April 2)

Trade Group Asks for Delay on Card-Security Plan (Nasdaq, April 2)

NAFCU Slams Retailer EMV Stall (Credit Union Times, April 2)

NAFCU To Congress: Don’t Swallow Food Marketing Institute’s Delay Tactics (, April 2)

NAFCU, Writing to House, Senate Leaders, Challenges FMI’s Call For Delay on EMV Liability Shift (Digital Journal, April 2)

Trade group seeks delay on card-security plan (, April 2)

NAFCU to CFPB: 'Cannot Support Proposal' (, March 30)

Record Turnout At NAFCU’s Regulatory Compliance School This Week (, March 30)

Senate Budget Amendment Addresses Reg Relief (Credit Union Times, March 30)

D.C.-area appointments and promotions for week of March 30 (The Washington Post, March 29)

NAFCU Expresses Support For Bill Calling For Reg Reviews (, March 29)

Trades Want More Changes On Capital Planning, Stress Testing (, March 29)

Plan Ahead for TILA-RESPA (Credit Union Times, March 27)

CU Friend Harry Reid Won’t Seek Re-election (, March 27)

CFPB Looks to NCUA for Payday Loan Guidelines (Credit Union Times, March 26)

Trades React To CFPB Proposal With Caution (, March 26)

NAFCU Applauds NCUA Effort On TILA/RESPA (, March 26)

Credit Union Reg Relief Bills Approved (Credit Union Times, March 26)

Reg Relief Bills Marked Up (Credit Union Times, March 25)

NAFCU Offers 2015 Edition Of Compliance GPS (, March 25)

House marking up key mortgage, regulatory reform bills (HousingWire, March 25)

Easterling Joins NAFCU Board and Other Appointments, Promotions (Credit Union Journal, March 25)

Letter Addresses 6 Bills of Interest to CUs (, March 24)

Hearing On Patent Abuse Today (, March 24)

MORE TODAY: IOT AND DATA BREACH (POLITICO Morning Cybersecurity, March 24)

The economy’s uncertain destination (Bankrate, March 23)

NAFCU Finds CUs Have 3 Primary Concerns With Revised RBC Proposal (, March 23)

House Committee Considers Reg Relief Bills (Credit Union Times, March 23)

Washington-area appointments and promotions for March 23 (The Washington Post, March 22)

NAFCU Adds 2 People To Regulatory Advisory Staff (, March 22)

CFPB Finalizes New Consumer Complaint Policy (Credit Union Times, March 20)

CFPB plows ahead with public consumer complaint database (HousingWire, March 20)

NAFCU Presses NCUA For Additional Regulatory Relief (, March 19)

5 ways credit unions are growing and staying strong (CU Insight, March 19)

Trade Groups Seek Passage of G-Fee Amendment (National Mortgage Professional Magazine, March 18)

Several More CU-Backed Bills Are Introduced (, March 18)

Housing groups: G-fees aren't for unrelated federal spending (HousingWire, March 18)

Mortgage lenders want regulatory relief (HousingWire, March 18)

'Time is of the Essence' to Save Small Institutions, Lawmakers Warn (Credit Union Journal, March 18)

Testimonies Attack CFPB Rules (Credit Union Times, March 18)

Senators Reintroduce Exam Fairness Bill (Credit Union Times, March 18)

10 things you should know about credit unions (Chicago Tribune, March 17)

NAFCU Backs CFPB Proposal To Temporarily Suspend Card Agreement Submissions (, March 16)

Credit Unions Help Build More ‘Wonderful’ Financial Lives (Nerd Wallet, March 16)

NAFCU Supports Revamped CLEARR Act (, March 16)

Should Regulators Be Able To Exempt CUs From Rules? (, March 15)

Politicians call for retailers to bear burden of data breaches (SNL Blogs, March 13)

NAFCU Seeks HFSC Support For H.R. 1233 (, March 13)

NAFCU Voices Support for Proposed Legislation (The MReport, March 13)


Study: Data Security Lacking In Four Out Of Five Merchants (, March 12)

Credit unions mean business (The Hill, March 11)

NAFCU’s Growth Conference Kicks Off In Savannah (, March 11)

Why Credit Unions Are Still Better Than Big Banks (, March 10)

Fleischer Says New Senate Could Bring Reg Relief: Video CUTs (Credit Union Times, March 10)

10 Powerful Lawmakers Credit Unions Should Know (Credit Union Times, March 10)

U.S. credit unions locked in cyber battle with their regulator (Reuters, March 9)

U.S. credit unions locked in cyber battle with their regulator (Yahoo! News, March 9)

Top 10 Regulations That Need Attention Now (Credit Union Times, March 8)

Risk-Based Capital Proposal An Unnecessary Burden (, March 8)

NCUA Pursues Field of Membership Reg Relief (Credit Union Times, March 8)

Renz Offers Unique Capital Solutions (Credit Union Times, March 8)

Trailblazer Awards: Bethpage FCU Blazes Supplemental Capital Trail (Credit Union Times, March 8)

…While Telling NCUA More Time Needed On TILA/RESPA (, March 8)

NAFCU Commends Rep For Bill Proposing CFPB Leadership Change… (, March 8)

NCUA: the Time For Action on FOM Fixes is Now (Credit Union Journal, March 6)

Regulatory Relief Bill Introduced(Credit Union Times, March 5)

CFPB Commission Bill Introduced (Credit Union Times, March 5)

Bill Introduced to Replace CFPB Director With Committee (The MReport, March 5)

Financial Trades Support Push To Alter CFPB Governance (Credit Union Journal, March 5)

Will CFPB’s Director Be Replaced By A Commission? (, March 5)

NAFCU Sets the Record Straight on Value of Credit Unions (Yahoo! Finance, March 4)

NAFCU Fires Back at Bankers (Credit Union Times, March 4)

Aguilar Co-Sponsors MBL, Supplemental Capital (Credit Union Times, March 4)

Two More Bills Of Interest To CUs Introduced In Congress (, March 4)

BIZ BACKS RANDY'S BILL (The Hill, March 4)

Bill Would Give Mortgages Safe Harbor Under CFPB Rules (, March 3)

MBL Relief Bill Introduced (Again) in Congress (, March 2)

MBL Bill Reintroduced (Credit Union Times, March 2)

New Bill Would Require GAO Study of NCUA Budget (Credit Union Journal, March 2)

Bill Would Require GAO To Study NCUA Budget, Spending (, March 1)

GAO Study Bill Targets NCUA Budget (Credit Union Times, March 1)

Sick of checking fees? Check out credit unions (Yahoo! Finance, February 26)

Credit unions beat banks on checking fees (, February 26)

NAFCU, SBA Agreement Aims to Expand Small Biz Loans (, February 26)

Small Business Administration and National Association of Federal Credit Unions Join Forces to Solve the Entrepreneurial Credit Crunch (Yahoo! News, February 25)

Small Business Administration and National Association of Federal Credit Unions Join Forces to Solve the Entrepreneurial Credit Crunch (MarketWatch, February  25)

SBA Creates Another CU Alliance (Credit Union Times, February 25) 

SBA, NAFCU Signs MOU To Encourage Loans To Entrepreneurs (Credit Union Journal, February 25)

CUs Not Opposed To New Congress Chipping Away At Dodd-Frank (, February 25)

CU Trades Join Banks Urging Congress to Act Against Patent Trolls (Credit Union Journal, February 25)

Financial Trade Groups Send Joint Statement On Patent Trolls (, February 25) 

NAFCU Asks Congress to Let NCUA Exempt CUs From Regs (, February 24)

NAFCU Asks NCUA For More Transparency On Risk-Mitigation Efforts (Credit Union Journal, February 24)

Cybersecurity and Vendor Authority Unrelated: Letter to the Editor (Credit Union Times, February 23)

NAFCU Asks NCUA For Detail On ‘Perceived Risks’ (, February 23)

CUs, Congress Could Impact Delivery Of Final RBC Rule (, February 23)

How MasterCard Is Taking Biometrics To The Masses (, February 23)

Poll: CUs Spent Average of $226K On Breaches (, February 19)

#352: Will there be RBC3? NAFCU's Carrie Hunt gives her take on Risk Based Capital 2.0... (CUbroadcast, February 19)

Only After IRR Can Judgment Be Passed On RBC (, February 18)

Templeton testifies before Senate Banking Committee (Aiken Standard, February 18)

Supplemental Capital Bill Reintroduced (Credit Union Times, February 17)

Obama: Cybersecurity Is Shared Responsibility (, February 16)

Supplemental Capital Introduced in Congress (Credit Union Journal, February 13)


Seven of the biggest financial industry trade organizations write Congress another missive in the ongoing letter war with retailers (POLITICO Morning Cybersecurity, February 13)

Financial Services Trade Letter to Congress (Morning Consult Finance, February 13)

Comment Now, Comment Later (, February 13)

CU Trades Weigh in on Same-Day Payments (Credit Union Journal, February 12)

Overregulation is endangering our credit unions (The Hill, February 11)

Thanks for 25 Years CU Times: Letter to the Editor (Credit Union Times, February 9)

Is Your Credit Union Doing Enough to Help Young Entrepreneurs? (Filene Research Institute, February 9)

45 Credit Unions Faced RBC Downgrade in 2009: NAFCU (Credit Union Times, February 6)

Small Biz Reg Reform Bill Passes House (Credit Union Times, February 6)

Mortgage Choice Act reintroduced in Congress (HousingWire, February 3)

Mortgage Choice Act Re-introduced in House (Credit Union Times, February 3)

FOM Fixes Within Reg Relief Now: Letter to the Editor (Credit Union Times, February 2)

Field of Membership Needs a Complete Overhaul (Credit Union Times, January 30)

NCUA Spends $150K on RBC Legal Opinion (Credit Union Times, January 30)

CFPB Proposes Easing Rules for Small Mortgage Lenders (Wall Street Journal, January 29)

CFPB offers changes to mortgage rules for smaller lenders (The Hill, January 29)

CFPB wants more mortgages in "underserved" areas (HousingWire, January 29) 

CFPB Mortgage Proposal Offers Reg Relief (Credit Union Times, January 29)

Trades Back Privacy Notice Confusion Bill (Credit Union Times, January 29)


RBC: Legality Matters: Letter to the Editor (Credit Union Times, January 26)

Congress to Hold First Data Breach Legislative Hearing (, January 26)

Can You Hear Me Now? Why RBC Still Isn't Needed (Credit Union Journal, January 26)

More Cost, Little Benefit: Letter to the Editor (Credit Union Times, January 26)

NCUA’s RBC Would Cost $760M: NAFCU (Credit Union Times, January 23)

NAFCU: New RBC Will Cost CUs $760 Million (, January 22)

Changes to 'Know Before You Owe' mortgage rules finalized (The Hill, January 21)

Obama's SOTU Cybersecurity Talk Pleases Trades (Credit Union Times, January 21)

NAFCU Inks Fazio for RBC2 Webcast (Credit Union Times, January 21)

SCOTUS Declines Retailers' Interchange Appeals (Credit Union Journal, January 20)

Debit Interchange Fight Appeal Declined (Credit Union Times, January 20)

B. Dan Berger: America needs national data security standards for retailers now (The Hill, January 19)

Revised RBC Reg Has Come a Long Way, But Some Say Still Not Far Enough (Credit Union Journal, January 16)

Eliminated RBC Provision May Still Impact Exams: Onsite Coverage (Credit Union Times, January 15)

Credit unions want congressional data breach working group (The Hill, January 15)

NCUA Board Approves $50K For Palm Springs FCU Data Breach Costs (Credit Union Journal, January 15)

Emerging technologies guru Lee Wetherington to keynote NAFCU’s 2015 Strategic Growth Conference, March 11-13 (CU Insight, January 13)

Trade groups balk at FHFA attempt to redefine Home Loan Bank membership (HousingWire, January 12)

NAFCU’s 2015 Annual Awards competition opens (CU Insight, January 12)

Obama Announces New Data Security Proposal (Credit Union Times, January 12)

Vigilance Is Key in 2015 (Credit Union Times, January 9)

Better Brace For Still More New Rules, Regs (Credit Union Journal, January 9)

The Great Risk-Based Capital Debate, Part II (Credit Union Journal, January 9)

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US fast food giant Chick-fil-A probes security breach (Daily Mail, January 1)

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Questions Abound Following Data Breach Caused By NCUA Examiner's Error (Credit Union Journal, December 18)

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IOLTA Bill Passes Senate (Credit Union Times, December 11)

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Some Of The Most Powerful Lobbyists And Advocacy Groups In The US: Top Lobbying Organizations List 2014
(CEO World Magazine, October 22)

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Half of U.S. Card Terminals Seen as Chip-Enabled by 2015 (Bloomberg, October 17)

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Most Credit Unions Hit by Breaches: Survey (Credit Union Times, October 15)

Mortgage banking industry weighs in support for single GSE bond (HousingWire, October 14)

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Ways to prevent cybertheft (USA Today, October 2)

Matz Proposes Another Comment Period On NCUA's Revised Risk-Based Rule (Credit Union Journal, September 29)

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Proposal to Limit Loans to Military Families Draws Conflicting Reactions (The Wall Street Journal, September 26)

Fannie, Freddie block mortgages for many by relying on old FICO models, critics say (The Washington Post, September 26)

Congress punts hacker fight to 2015 (The Hill, September 24)

Fraudulent charges from Home Depot breach surface (CBS MoneyWatch, September 24)

Business slams plan to expand consumer protection bureau's complaint website (The Hill, September 22)

TILA/RESPA Duplicates, Contradicts State Laws (Credit Union Times, September 17)

Lawmakers, Regulators Spar Over Regulatory Relief (Credit Union Journal, September 17)

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Second Quarter CU Loan Growth Up 10%, But 'Great Divide' Remains (Credit Union Journal, September 2)

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McWatters Takes Oath as New NCUA Board Member (Credit Union Times, August 26)

McWatters Sworn In To NCUA Board (Credit Union Journal, August 26)

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Washington-area appointments for Aug. 25 (Washington Post, August 24)

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Credit unions: Anti-hacking bill should be ‘priority’ (The Hill, August 21)

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Chicago FHLB launches Ginnie Mae MBS program (HousingWire, August 19)

Calls Go Out to Examine Call Reports (Credit Union Times, August 17)

Not too early to prepare for TILA/RESPA (CUinsight, August 15)

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#297: CUbroadcast's nearly complete coverage of NAFCU's 47th Annual Conference in Las Vegas...  (CUbroadcast, August 4)


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Federal Consumer Site Will Post Unverified Complaints About Banks (The Fiscal Times, July 18)

Financial trades oppose making unvetted CFPB complaints public (HousingWire, July 18)

A Perspective From The Frontline (Credit Union Journal, July 18)

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CU Membership Growth Slows; Lending Strengthens: NAFCU Survey (Credit Union Journal, July 14)

Bill Exempts Veterans' Loans From MBL Cap (Credit Union Times, July 14)

Community Bankers Advance Federal Reserve Goal (Credit Union Times, July 11)

Matz Pressed for Second Comment Period: Onsite Coverage (Credit Union Times, July 11)

Castro Confirmed as HUD Secretary (Credit Union Times, July 9)


McHenry Letter Elevates Risk-Based Battle (Credit Union Times, July 8)

House Financial Services Panel Chair Delivers Letter, Deadline to NCUA (Credit Union Journal, July 8)

CUs Worried How New FOM Rule Will Impact Existing Associations (Credit Union Journal, July 1)

Mixed Reactions After First 'Listening Session' On Risk-Based Capital (Credit Union Journal, June 30)

Comment Period Complaints Dominate NCUA's First 'Listening Session' (Credit Union Journal, June 27)

Listening Session Reveals Risk Weight Changes (Credit Union Times, June 26)

Trades Mark 80th Anniversary of FCUA (Credit Union Times, June 26)

Banker distorts credit union model (The Hill, June 25)

Lending Surge: Economists Jubilant, Lenders Cautious (Credit Union Times, June 23)

NAFCU Study Reveals Dissatisfaction With Exam Process (Credit Union Journal, June 23)

Insurers petition, retail group complaint, raise specter of who pays for breach (SC Magazine, June 20)

Credit Union Risk Is Well-Managed (Wall Street Journal, June 20)

NCUA Proposals Offer Securitization Parity: Onsite Coverage (Credit Union Times, June 19)

McWatters Confirmed by Senate (Credit Union Times, June 19)

House panel seeks to SCRUB onerous regs(The Hill, June 18)

Shops fight back on data breaches (The Hill, June 17)

Cybercrime Thrives Amid Lack of National Data Security Standards for Retailers (Huffington Post, June 17)

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Credit unions point to P.F. Chang's data breach (The Hill OVERNIGHT TECH, June 12)

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White House applauds housing reform bill, but no stand on vote (The Hill, May 15)

Johnson-Crapo reform bill voted to Senate floor (HousingWire, May 15)

Senate Banking Panel Approves Bipartisan GSE Bill (Credit Union Journal, May 15)

Housing Finance Reform Clears Committee (Credit Union Times, May 15)

NAFCU members see regulatory costs spiking(HousingWire, May 14)

Markets trade at all-time highs amid Watt's comments (The Hill, May 13)

House Urges Changes to Risk-Based Capital (Credit Union Times, May 13) 

House Committee approves Mortgage Choice Act (HousingWire, May 7)

CFPB's QM Reg Relief Not Enough: Mortgage Execs (Credit Union Times, May 7)

Trio Of Credit Union Reg Relief Bills Passes House (Credit Union Journal, May 7)

CFPB's 'Minor' Changes to Mortgage Rules May Have Major Impact (American Banker, April 30)

CFPB tweaks rules to offer more mortgage credit (The Hill, April 30) 

Postscript: Architect of USPS Banking Proposal Speaks Out (Credit Union Journal, April 28) 

NCUA Passes Stress Test Rule for Credit Unions (American Banker, April 24)

NCUA Passes Stress Test Rule; Results Will Not Be Public At First (Credit Union Journal, April 24)

Stress Test Results Will Remain Confidential: Onsite Coverage (Credit Union Times, April 24)

Proposed Stress Test Rule Is Unnecessary: NAFCU Reiterates (Credit Union Journal, April 22)

Make Cybersecurity Laws a Priority, Credit Unions Plead (National Law Journal, April 21)

After another data breach, Congress pressed to act (The Hill, April 18)

Trades Ask NCUA—Again—To Extend RBC Comment Period (Credit Union Journal, April 18)

NAFCU's Lobbying Obama On Fed Seat A First; CU Leaders Voice Support (Credit Union Journal, April 17)

Fed Needs Board Member From Credit Union: NAFCU (Credit Union Times, April 15)

Debit Ruling Clears Path For EMV (Credit Union Journal, April 14)

Stakeholders position themselves ahead of Johnson-Crapo markup (The Hill, April 14)

NCUA's Congressional Testimony Heats Up Supplemental Capital Debate (Credit Union Journal, April 10)

GOP wants CFPB merged with other regulators (HousingWire, April 8)

Trades Rebuff NCUA Reg Relief Claims (Credit Union Times, April 8)

For NCUA, Transparency Should Be the Hallmark (Credit Union Times, April 7)

Court Ruling: A Fraud Prevention Boost? (Bank Info Security, March 27)

Appeals court upholds Fed's 21-cent cap on retailer 'swipe fees' (Los Angeles Times, March 21)

Court reverses ruling on swipe fees in favor of banks (The Washington Post, March 21)

US Appeals Court Upholds Fed's Cap on 'Swipe' Fees (ABC News, March 21)

Banks' Victory on Swipe Fees Seems Likely to Hold Up (American Banker, March 21)

Appeals Court Upholds Fed Interchange Fee Rule; CU Trades Hail Ruling (Credit Union Journal, March 21)

Appeals Court Overturns Interchange Ruling (Credit Union Times, March 21)

Credit unions renew push for data security law (The Hill's Technology Blog, March 20)

Making decisions together (CUInsight, March 18)

Flood Insurance Bill Ready for Obama's Pen (Credit Union Times, March 13)

Royce's New Bill Tips MBL Cap (Credit Union Times, March 13)


No One is Secure While Data Security Is a One-Sided Proposition (The Huffington Post, March 12)

NAFCU Creates Risk-Weight Calculator (Credit Union Times, March 11)

Sens. Johnson, Crapo Unveil Senate GSE Agreement (Credit Union Journal, March 11)

Time Is Right to Amend MBL Regs (Credit Union Times, March 4)

6 misconceptions about credit unions (, March 4)

Free checking flourishes at credit unions (, March 3)

On data security, hold merchants to the same standards as financial institutions (The Hill's Congress Blog, February 27)

NCUA board nominee Mark McWatters to testify before Senate committee (Bank Credit News, February 27)

Tax plan sends shockwaves down K Street (The Hill's On The Money, February 26)

Camp's Tax Reform Proposal Is 'Hands Off' CU Exemption (Credit Union Journal, February 26)

NCUA's Capital Proposal: Cure Could Kill Patient (Credit Union Times, February 24)

Making The Case: CUs' Tax Exemption Still Good For All (Credit Union Journal, February 21)

Push Continues to Raise MBL Cap (Credit Union Times, February 21)

Credit Union Trades Eye Mid-Term Senate Races (Credit Union Times, February 20)

FIRST OF MANY (POLITICO Morning Tax, February 20)

Credit unions go to bat for tax exemption (The Hill's On The Money, February 20)

Credit Union Tax Would Cost $17 Billion: NAFCU (Credit Union Times, February 20)

CUs Generate $17 Billion Yearly In Economic Benefits: NAFCU (Credit Union Journal, February 20)

CFPB Will Seek More Mortgage Data (Credit Union Times, February 19)

NCUA Calculator Good For Some, Not For Others (Credit Union Journal, February 12)

14% of Credit Union Cards Hit By Breaches in '13: Study (American Banker, February 11)

Why the Payment System Is Suddenly a Hot Topic in D.C. (American Banker, February 10)

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NAFCU Names 2014 Marketing Award Winners (Credit Union Journal, February 4)

Trades Join Forces on Data Security (Credit Union Times, February 3)

Data breach fight deepens in DC (Bankrate, February 3)

Senate passes bill to delay flood insurance premium hikes (HousingWire, January 30)

Feds Investigating Target Breach (Bank Info Security, January 29) 

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Lenders fear squeeze from mortgage rules (The Hill, January 14)

NAFCU Looking For Tweaks To Proposed ACH Rules (Credit Union Journal, January 13)

NAFCU To NCUA: Partner With Regulators On Data Security Measures (Credit Union Journal, January 13) 

70 million names, addresses stolen in Target hack (The Hill, January 10)

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NAFCU Adds Three Attorneys To Regulatory Compliance Team (Credit Union Journal, January 8)

FHFA Reverses Course On Mortgage Fee Increases; Watt's First Big Move Hailed By NAFCU (Credit Union Journal, January 8)

Yellen Wins Confirmation As First Woman Fed Chair (Credit Union Journal, January 7)

Let industry lead the way for payment system reform (CUInsight, January 6)

Credit Unions Anticipate Slow Mortgage Growth In 2014 (MortgageOrb, January 6)

Customers paying the price after Target breach (CNBC, January 3)

NAFCU Announces Top Priorities For The New Year (Credit Union Journal, January 2)

Court to allow NAFCU, amici to present arguments in Fed appeal on debit interchange (Bank Credit News, January 1)


Credit unions oppose stress test rule (The Hill, December 31)

Are Retailers Doing Enough to Protect Consumers From Data Breaches? (Huffington Post, December 26) 

2013: The Year Of Compliance. Here's Hoping 2014 Is Year Of Relief (Credit Union Journal, December 20)

FHFA to Delay Increase in Mortgage Fees By Fannie, Freddie (Wall Street Journal, December 20)

Congress Urged Once Again to Stop Patent Trolls (American Banker, December 17)

New CFPB Mortgage Rules Take Effect in January (Credit Union Times, December 16)

Credit unions prepare for 2014 growth (HousingWire, December 13)

Senate Mulls Security Patent Reform (Bank Info Security, December 11)

Watt Confirmed by Senate to Lead FHFA (Credit Union Times, December 10)

NAFCU: Regulatory burden contributes to credit union decline (Bank Credit News, December 6)

Raise Member Business Lending Cap: NAFCU Witness (Credit Union Times, December 5)

Economists: NCUA Data Reveals CUs Are 'Out Of The Woods' (Credit Union Journal, December 5)

CFPB to Examine Student Lenders (Credit Union Times, December 3)

NAFCU REACT (POLITICO Morning Money, November 20)

Bureau updates mortgage disclosures (The Hill, November 20)

House Banking Panel Passes Reg Relief Bills (American Banker, November 15)

'Qualified' Loans, Redefined (The New York Times, November 7)

Trades Criticize Proposed Stress Tests (Credit Union Times, November 1)

Top Lobbyists 2013 (The Hill, October 30)

Credit Union Lobbyists Honored(Credit Union Times, October 30)

NAFCU Backs NFIP Rate Bill (Credit Union Times, October 30)

Banks, business trade groups push for CFPB reform(Housingwire, October 29)

The clock is ticking: New points and fees on mortgage coming soon (Housingwire, October 22) 

Concerns abound about effects of fiscal fights on the economy (The Hill, October 10) 

Affordability concerns surface in conforming loan limit debate (Housingwire, October 9)

CFPB Should Take Tougher Stance Against Credit Cards, Consumer Groups Say (American Banker, October 2)

Report: Businesses passing on swipe fee savings to consumers (The Hill, October 1)

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Legislation would raise business lending caps for credit unions (The Hill, February 14)

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New mortgage rules designed to protect struggling homeowners (The Hill's On the Money, January 17)

Becker to retire; Berger named CEO (Credit Union Times, January 16)

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