Approval Assistance Letter

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We understand that budgets are tight, or that some managers may be reluctant to let team members travel. That's why we've created this Approval Assistance Letter for your manager.

The template makes it easier to get your manager's approval to attend the institute. It quickly helps your manager understand how the benefits of your attendance far outweigh the costs.

Copy and paste the below or download the Approval Assistance Letter template. Then simply insert your information in the brackets, delete the bolded instructions, and send!

Approval Assistance Letter for the 2015 Management and Leadership Institute

Dear <Person you are justifying your attendance to>,

I'd like to attend NAFCU's Management and Leadership Institute, October 12 - 16, 2015, at the Hyatt Chicago in Illinois (

The highly-regarded institute is an intensive, five-day program designed to develop credit union leadership skills and teach me every facet of successful credit union management. It is taught through a mixture of classroom discussions, case studies and proactive strategy sessions led by top industry veterans. Attending this program will also give me the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other future credit union leaders nationwide.

I would be attending 10 courses, ranging in topic from effective communication to financial management, and a full-day leadership workshop taught by three-time "Top 100 Business Thought Leader" John Spence.

I am seeking sponsorship for the enrollment fee, travel cost and expenses. A detailed breakdown of the costs for attending is below.

After reviewing the Management and Leadership Institute curriculum and program description, I have identified particular aspects that will provide the knowledge and skills to help me become a highly-effective leader here at <name of your credit union>.

  • <insert course descriptions and other program aspects which most directly apply to your responsibilities and goals>
  • <course description/program aspect>
  • <course description/program aspect – add bullets as needed>

<In the brackets below, insert cost information as it applies to you>

The full institute enrollment fee is $2,750. <But as a member of NAFCU, I can enroll for $1,850— a savings of $900>. <I can save $100 with promo code SAVEONMLI by registering before August 14.>

Here is the breakdown of the institute costs:

  • Airfare: <$xxx>
  • Transportation: <$xxx> <consider saving money by taking a bus or shuttle from the airport>
  • Hotel: <$xxx>
  • Meals: <$xxx> <remember, NAFCU provides you with breakfast all 5 days>
  • Institute enrollment fee: <$xxx>

Total cost associated with attending the institute: <$xxxx>

The opportunity for professional development, and to learn innovative credit union growth strategies that will help us stay ahead of the competition and yield maximum results, makes my attendance at the 2015 NAFCU Management and Leadership Institute a wise investment for <name of your credit union>.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

<your name>

P.S. In addition, I plan to share information, handouts, resources and presentation slides with my colleagues when I return.