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Empower Federal Credit Union Achieves Consolidated Payment Processing with Vantiv, Inc.
Empower Federal Credit Union Achieves Consolidated Payment Processing with Vantiv, Inc.

Empower Federal Credit Union (FCU), a full-service financial institution with more than $1.3 billion in assets, has signed a multi-year agreement with Vantiv, Inc., a NAFCU Services Preferred Partner, to offer a complete suite of payment processing solutions and related services for new and existing members.

Partner Contact: Jenn Markus


Vantage InsightsVantiv, Inc. (NYSE: VNTV) is a leading, integrated payment processor differentiated by a single, proprietary technology platform. Vantiv offers a comprehensive suite of traditional and innovative payment processing and technology solutions to merchants and financial institutions of all sizes in the U.S., enabling them to address their payment processing needs through a single provider. 

We build strong relationships with our customers, helping them become more efficient, more secure and more successful. Vantiv is the third largest merchant acquirer and the largest PIN debit acquirer based on number of transactions in the U.S. The company's growth strategy includes expanding further into high growth payment segments, such as ecommerce, payment facilitation (PayFacTM), mobile, prepaid and information solutions, and attractive industry verticals such as business-to-business, ecommerce, healthcare, gaming, government and education.


Card Services

Offers ATM, consumer debit, business debit and HELOC card processing, plus value-added services including, but not limited to:

  • lost/stolen support
  • 3-D Secure/Verified by Visa, MasterCard
  • Secure Code
  • fraud monitoring
  • stand-in processing

Card Management

Our unique back-office management system allows our clients to perform real-time tasks, such as allowing new cards to be immediately defined and activated, blocking cards, performing the hot card function, changing a PIN, and making other updates to be placed instantly on existing cards.

Card Production

Supports a wide variety of card issuance requirements, including regional and national network-branded ATM cards, debit cards (standard, business, and gold), Visa CheckCard and Debit MasterCard cards.

Network Gateway

Provides access to most regional and national ATM, POS and EBT networks, credit card associations, fleet programs and a variety of other services. We provide a single point of settlement for these networks, thereby providing streamlined settlement and reconciliation across networks.

Command Center

Our Command Center operators monitor ATMs, network links and other directly attached devices continually, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.


Provides a comprehensive set of EFT reports that cover settlement, reconciliation, deposit proof, adjustments, security suspects, ATM usage, performance reporting, and other network statistics.

Transaction Processing

Our systems have handled processing loads in excess of 1,000 transactions per second and can handle significantly greater loads. We maintain an internal response time of 0.10 seconds and a transaction response time of 1.80 seconds. Our systems are designed for maximum scalability, flexibility and growth.


Vantiv, LLC understands the complexity of EFT conversions.

Credit Card Programs

Our Complete Card Solution is great for smaller credit unions. We make it easy for you to get up and running by providing standard terms, etc.

Our Custom Solutions are ideal for credit unions who already have 10,000 account holders or who can get there fast. Your portfolio is unique. CMC’s strategic difference is our ability to be flexible and fully equipped to formulate solutions for a diverse cross-section of clients. We are much more than a third-party vendor ~ we are stakeholders in your success. Our technology solutions coupled with service to our clients is what makes us a valuable partner with your institution.

Debit Card Marketing Program

Full-service debit card-marketing program to enable credit unions to effectively promote card acquisition, activation and usage on a quarterly basis. This turnkey service utilizes direct mail packages to influence cardholder behavior, drive transaction growth and increase profitability. By taking advantage of this opportunity, our credit union members maximize their annual interchange growth, inevitably building “best-in-class” portfolios.

Merchant Services

Our Merchant Services for Financial Institutions program is tailored to help improve your revenue streams while you assist merchants with payment processing capabilities. We provide the people, partnerships, and technology to you, so you can provide the expertise, access, and support to your merchants. Learn more.  


Control: Vantiv’s in-house processing systems and skilled programmers address your needs more quickly, with more options and increased cost savings. For example, our dual role as credit card processor and ATM processor enables you to accept credit cards, debit cards, EBT cards and check processing services through the same interface, simplifying settlement and increasing speed of authorization.

Innovation: Vantiv has a history of developing some of the industry’s milestone innovations, such as the first shared online ATM network, early online POS debit and adjustment processing, and the first Internet-accessible transaction management system. From Internet research capabilities to the payment methods of the future, Vantiv keeps you on the forefront of payment technology.

Stability: Vantiv's consistent performance, sizable growth, and asset size of over $106 billion are some of the factors that have made Vantiv Bank one of the largest transaction processors in the U.S.

Technology: The experience, size and resources of Vantiv enable constant system improvement and evaluation. For example, Vantiv was the first processor in the U.S. to employ IBM’s Parallel Enterprise Server hardware platform. The ability of these systems to handle tremendous processing loads, even during peak periods, helps keep your customers’ wait in line to a minimum.

Efficiency: Vantiv continues to set the standards for back office efficiency. Vantiv pioneered the development of online chargeback response, facsimile draft, and Internet-accessible back office management. Over the past nine years both MasterCard and Visa have recognized our commitment to customer service and presented us with Quality Service and Data Integrity Awards—a record unmatched in the industry.

Reliability: Redundant resources in our Cincinnati, Ohio; Florence, Kentucky; and Grand Rapids, Michigan data centers allow you to enjoy maximum availability of your payment systems. In addition, Vantiv provides a telephone authorization system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for use in case of terminal malfunction.

ATM Support: Supports virtually every recent model ATM installed in the United States, and also offers a wide range of ATM processing features, including surcharging, mini-statements, stamp and non-cash item dispensing, promotional screen messages, Remote Key, EJ Upload, Software Distribution and many other features that provide the value-added services the industry has adopted.

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

$5,000 bonus to NAFCU member credit union for conversion and three-year waiver of fee on debit card marketing programs – an additional savings of $2,400.

Complimentary credit card portfolio performance analysis. No setup fee for rewards program on new or existing credit card programs – a $5,000 savings.

Educational Resources

  •  Vantiv Infographic: From eCommerce to Omnicommerce
    While brick-and mortar still dominates, eCommerce is gaining market share. 90% of all retail sales take place in-store, with retail sales totaling at $4.7 trillion and eCommerce sales at $304 billion. eCommerce sales are projected to move from 6.4% to 8.9% by 2018.
  •  The Omni-Integration Imperative Webinar (Webinar)

    Today's consumers are increasingly equipped for and interested in trying new mobile payment methods. They are looking for integrated omnicommerce experiences… are you ready to help?  

  •  Top 10 Payment Trends for 2014 (Webinar)
    Join Lorena Harris, head of the Vantiv Insights research program, and Ken Paterson, head of Research Operations at Mercator, as they discuss Consumer payment priorities, fears, and expectations.
  •  Omnicommerce: The Innovation Imperative (Blog Post)
    The second of this three-part series discusses the importance of being in touch with your customers throughout their shopping lifecycle.
  •  Rising Above Uncertainty: Opportunities and Challenges for Credit Unions in Payments (Podcast and Presentation)

    In this podcast held at the NAFCU 2013 Congressional Congress in September, you will get an in-depth look at key market dynamics, including evolving financial services models and regulatory impact; learn about emerging strategies and their impact to credit unions, including EMV, prepaid, and mobile; and find out how to prepare for the future.

  •  Omnicommerce: The Multichannel Customer Experience (Blog Post)
    The first of this three-part series discusses how providing a consistent customer experience across channels is a critical component of omnicommerce.
  •  Executive Thinking on Payments (Whitepaper)

    How can financial institutions and merchants position themselves to meet consumer expectations? This whitepaper will provide a deep understanding of the challenges banks and merchants face.

  •  Mobile Payments and the Omni-Consumer of the Future (Webinar)

    Today's young consumers are increasingly equipped for and interested in trying new mobile payment methods. They are looking for excellent omnicommerce experiences… are you ready to help?

  •  Commit to Success (Blog Post)
    In this blog post, learn the secrets behind a successful card program. Credit unions that employ successful card programs utilize three important forms of commitment: management commitment, growth commitment, and strategic commitment.
  •  Omnicommerce and the Customer Experience (Recorded Webinar)
    New 2013 primary research from Vantiv shows that consumers are increasingly demanding integrated "omnichannel" shopping experiences online, in-store, and on their mobile devices. This webinar will help credit unions understand consumer preferences around new payment options, and how to factor omnicommerce payments into short and long-term member experience planning.
  •  Top 10 Payment Processing Trends for 2013 (Recorded Webinar)

    New 2013 primary research from Vantiv shows that share of consumer wallets is shifting from traditional payment methods towards alternative, increasingly mobile options. Awareness, interest and adoption of new payment methods is increasing, and consumers expect to have a different set of choices in just two years. Get a view of what’s hot, what’s not, what will impede and what will succeed in 2013.

  •  EMV Liability Shift: Why Financial Institutions Should Get Their ATMs in Line (Whitepaper)
    For years the United States payments industry has resisted moves to switch from payment and ATM cards that rely on the magnetic stripe (mag stripe) containing a card’s account information to “smart cards” embedded with more secure microprocessor chips, which other countries began using in the 1980s. In the U.S., a strong telecommunications system has enabled credit and debit card issuers to authorize virtually all transactions electronically.
  •  Heading toward Mobile Payments (Video)

    Mobile is the hot topic right now. The fact that we have a computer in our pocket has really changed our lives. Mobile creates an opportunity for many players—from current key mobile players like Apple and AT&T to banks and credit unions. Mobile is all about making the buying experience better for consumers, and new opportunities are arising in mobile payments.

  •  Payments go mobile: The gradual revolution (Whitepaper)
    Mobile solutions are seemingly everywhere these days, and laptops, tablets, and smartphones are enabling an “anytime, anywhere” approach to business and personal lives. But things are not that simple. Mobile payments are indeed growing. Yet, in spite of the industry and media buzz, it is likely to be several years before the majority of consumers are using their phones at points of sale.
  •  Executive Thinking of Payment Opportunities (Webinar)
    As mobile payments rapidly become the norm, you need to stay on top of trends. Vantiv interviewed 35 top executives at financial institutions and tier1 merchants. Then, they compared responses with consumers' outlooks on mobile. Vantiv's research revealed significant gaps – as well as opportunities. These compelling results were compiled in a new webinar – giving you the mobile insight you need to lead your business to the next level.
  •  Payment Technologies: Gaps and Opportunities Awaiting the Next Big Thing (Blog Post)
    Financial executives and merchants face different challenges with emerging payment technologies, including mobile payments, mobile wallets, mobile banking, NFC, EMV, prepaids, and more. Add in the consumers’ perspective—we want faster and convenient transactions, good economics, plus a little bit of the coolness factor—and you’ve got a grand mix of disconnects and opportunities. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  The Ever Changing Payments Landscape: EMV and Mobile Payments (Podcast and Presentation)
    EMV Chip Cards, NFC and QR Codes are all new technologies in the payments landscape that can have an impact on financial institutions. In this recording, you will learn more about how your credit union can adapt to what the future forecast looks like for this growing industry.
  •  Best Practices for Credit Union Merchant Services (Webinar)

    Did you know that less than 10% of current business members use their credit unions merchant services program? Learn from an industry leader how to further engage your business members to build stronger, more valuable relationships. Watch our free recorded webinar to learn more!

  •  Top 10 Payment Trends to Watch in 2012 (Whitepaper)
    Business is changing on virtually every front, and the world of payments is no exception. Today, merchants, financial institutions, and processors all face an evolving landscape that is being reshaped by an array of forces. The use of credit and debit cards is changing. Emerging payment methods, based on everything from smartphones to social networks, are rapidly gaining traction, as are innovative point-of-sale systems and a growing number of ewallet- based methods.
  •  Carpe Diem: Living in a Post-Durbin World (Podcast and Presentation)
    In the last year, the world has changed for credit unions. New legislation has been enacted and consumer activism has progressed. What does the next generation of business look like as a result? In this presentation from NAFCU's 2012 CEOs and Senior Executives Conference, you will learn the answer to that question. You will also learn how to use your credit union’s brand assets to create growth, and what opportunities exist in the payment market space.
  •  Carpe Diem – Living in a Post-Durbin World (Blog Post)
    The NAFCU CEOs and Senior Executives Conference this week has featured some outstanding presentations, including noted management guru John Spence (author of “Awesomely Simple”) and financial services expert Brett King (author of Bank 2.0).  But for me one of the more meaningful presentations came from Royal Cole, Vantiv’s Financial Institution President. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Community Resource Credit Union Revamps Credit Card Portfolio (Case Study)
    Three consecutive years…five percent annual losses. This was not what Community Resource Credit Union expected from its credit card portfolio. But the $275 million credit union knew its credit cards were beneficial to its members. It had to find a way to make the portfolio a viable, long-term solution that benefited both the credit union and members. In this case study, learn how this problem was solved.
  •  Capitalizing on Market Changes to Grow Your Card Programs (Podcast and Presentation)

    In this 2012 Strategic Growth Conference session, we get to learn how to combine the messages in the market with your credit union brand to capitalize on this unique time, including promoting card features and functionality necessary to differentiate your credit union. We will also look at an analysis of key performance indicators and industry benchmarking data to see how your credit union stacks up!

  •  Cessna Employees Credit Union Soars with New Credit Card Program (Case Study)
    CECU sought a card-processing provider that could help develop and promote their new product. One that could build a comfort level with members, build on the credit union’s brand loyalty, and create an attractive, revenue-producing solution.Vantiv was their choice.
  •  Card Products Help Extend Deposit (Member) Relationships (Podcast)
    New members have flocked to credit unions, and now you have to give them what they want! In this podcast, we speak with Stephanie Polen, Vice President of Client Portfolio Management for Vantiv, specifically about the importance of credit union card products when it comes to extending deposit relationships and fostering long-term, satisfied members.
  •  Enhancing Debit Card Security: The Life of a Counterfeit Card (Webcast)
    In this 2011 NAFCU Annual Conference presentation you will discover the latest and greatest card fraud mitigation strategies and tactics. Learn about the rise in data breaches, the evolution of criminal organizations, and the perceptions of today’s cardholders.
  •  Integrating Credit Cards into Your Overall Payments Strategy (Podcast & Presentation)
    The economic, regulatory and competitive environment has created consumers that are more conservative and considerably “choosier” in their selection of financial products. Products that address consumer and member needs in innovative ways, and that are delivered to them in ways that are convenient to them will be the success stories in the future. Hear Stephanie Polen, Vice President, Client Portfolio Management for Vantiv present at NAFCU's 2011 Strategic Growth Conference and following along with the presentation slides.
  •  Interchange Legislation Update for Credit Unions (Webinar)
    Watch the recently recorded webinar, Interchange Legislation Update for Credit Unions, from Vantiv and NAFCU Services, and learn the latest on the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
  •  Current Trends in Payments Technology: Serving Today's Tech-Savvy Consumer (Podcast & Slides)

    Listen to this recorded NAFCU Annual Conference presentation from Peter Kulik, VP Product Management for Vantiv, LLC to find out what innovations are driving member services in the payments industry. Learn about changing ATM strategies, the impact that image-check clearing will have on the financial services industry and review the health of your debit and credit card portfolios.

  •  Using Portfolio Analytics and Marketing Tools to Grow Your Credit Card Business (Podcast)

    With the way that banks have been treating their customers, credit cards offer a unique opportunity for credit unions to shine. In this podcast we visit with Barney Moore, Vice President, Advisory Services for Vantiv to get a sneak peek into a presentation that was presented at the NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference, on using portfolio analytics and marketing tools to grow your credit card business.

  •  The Life of a Counterfeit Card and How You Can Stop It (Recorded Webinar)

    Stay one step ahead of card fraudsters! Watch a recorded webinar, The Life of a Counterfeit Card - and How You Can Stop It, with NAFCU Services Preferred Partner Vantiv. We explore ways to mitigate risk at credit unions and protect members from the damaging effects of card fraud.

  •  Effective Collections for Turbulent Times (Podcast)

    Collections is never an easy task, but today's turbulent times pose an even greater challenge for credit unions. In this podcast, Dave Clune, Vice President of Risk Operations for Vantiv, LLC will help us understand how to be successful with the sometimes tricky task of collections in today's tough economic climate.

  •  Ten Best Practices for Credit Union Call Centers (Podcast)

    With the possible exception of front-line tellers, is there any part of your credit union that is more relevant to the quality of your Member relationships than your call center?  Effective call centers can enhance relationships, retention, and enable cross- and up-selling.

  •  Second Chances Part I: Re-entering the Credit Card Market with a Product Your Members Will Love (Webcast)

    General Manager, Dean Happe, examines the pros and cons of re-entering the credit card market and what it means to provide members with a compelling offering.

  •  Second Chances Part II: Building A Business Case and Service Strategy to Support Your Credit Card Product (Webcast)

    In Part II of the "Second Chances" webcast series, General Manager Dean Happe helps credit unions build the business case for re-entering the credit card space. He then discusses the strategic importance of supporting the card product. 

  •  Second Chances Part III: Managing Your Portfolio Through Growth and Marketing (Webcast)

    In Part III of the Second Chances webcast series, General Manager Dean Happe teaches credit unions to manage their ongoing credit card portfolios for success and offers best practices for growth and marketing.

  •  Successful Marketing Strategies for Your Payment Products (Recorded Webinar)

    Trying times offer you a compelling opportunity to effectively market your credit union payment products. Watch Successful Marketing Strategies for Your Payment Products to learn how to best take advantage of this unique opportunity.

  •  Turbocharge Your Debit Card Revenue With An Effective Marketing Program (Podcast)

    Whether the application is bill payment, or retail markets like fast food and movie theaters, debit card acceptance is growing rapidly. This podcast features an interview with Lesley DeCator, Vice President Sales Programs and Engineering at Vantiv, LLC, and covers growth trends in debit cards and most important for your credit union where the growth opportunities are, and how to tap into them.

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  • Empower Federal Credit Union Achieves Consolidated Payment Processing with Vantiv, Inc. (April 27, 2015)
    Empower Federal Credit Union (FCU), a full-service financial institution with more than $1.3 billion in assets, has signed a multi-year agreement with Vantiv, Inc., a NAFCU Services Preferred Partner, to offer a complete suite of payment processing solutions and related services for new and existing members.
  • Vantiv Becomes Second Largest Merchant Acquirer in the U.S. (March 31, 2015)

    Vantiv, Inc. (NYSE: VNTV), a leading provider of payment processing services and related technology solutions for merchants and financial institutions of all sizes, announced today new research by The Nilson Report1 indicates that Vantiv has become the second largest merchant acquirer in the United States based on number of purchase transactions.

  • Vantiv Selected as NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Merchant Services (April 16, 2012)
    Cincinnati, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., April 16, 2012 – Vantiv, Inc. (NYSE: VNTV), a leading provider of payment processing services and related technology solutions for merchants and financial institutions of all sizes in the U.S., announced today that National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) Services Corporation has added Vantiv Merchant Services to the company‟s suite of solutions in the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner program. Vantiv is also the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for ATM and debit card processing solutions, and credit card processing and servicing.
  • FTPS' CMC Signs Three Financial Institutions (February 17, 2010)

    CMC, a business line within FTPS, LLC is pleased to announce that three financial institutions have signed contracts for card servicing relationships.


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